How does Sunday Supply Co. work? Consultation & Content Creation. No Long Term Committment.


We want to work with you to put together a plan that works for you.

First things first, we need to get to know you! We offer a free 30-60 minute consultation where we explore your needs and how we can be of service to your organization. Once we have a better understanding of your needs we can make suggestions on subscription blocks that would fit you!

no LONG TERM contracts

No long term commitment required.

We hate feeling stuck and we know that you do too! We don’t require a monthly subscription or lock you in to a long term contract. Purchase time as you need it, whether it is one block, five blocks or you prefer to work project to project you can be assured that you will only pay for time that you use.


We take your work orders weekly.

Submit your work requests by Monday at 5:00pm using the free project management tools we set up for you. We will respond with an “hours quote” by 12:00pm Tuesday. Simply approve the request and we start working.


Get custom solutions delivered weekly.

We aren’t recycling solutions and artwork over and over again, we create the custom solutions and designs you want. Completed work is delivered no later that 12:00pm on Friday*, giving you, your staff or volunteers time to implement it by Sunday.

*deliverables agreed to by Sunday Supply Co. 


communication & Transparency

We strive to be highly communicative and transparent.

We don’t view our customers as “clients” as much as we do partners. With constant updates, a 24h response policy* and monthly reporting on how many hours you used and on what you will know what is going on so you can make informed decisions.

*24h policy does not include weekends, black out weeks and Canadian holidays 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my free consultation?

Your FREE CONSULTATION is a 30-60 minute conversation where you have the opportunity to share your dreams and vision, resources and challenges with us. We will discuss the various services that we offer and how they could be a fit for your church/organization. There is no commitment required, we are just happy to be considered as a solutions provider and at the very least give you some insight and ideas and point you in the right direction.

how do we get started?

The first step is to schedule a free consultation. We will have the opportunity to discuss your unique needs. This will also provide us with the information we need to provide you with a quote on a monthly subscription that would be a good fit for your organization.

Are there any blackout dates?

We have 6 blackout weeks annually. Content can still be created for these weeks, it just needs to be planned out and created earlier on in the month. We strive to be highly communicative with everything we do, especially when it comes to blackout weeks. Blackout weeks will be posted at least 6 months in advance.

2020 Blackout Dates:

  • July 17-August 1, 2020
  • September 1-10, 2020
  • December 23-31, 2020


how does billing work?

We only bill for time that you authorize. First, we receive your quote request and provide an estimate for your project. Invoices are sent out for the number of hours agreed upon by the customer at the rate agreed upon by Sunday Supply Co. If you feel there is a discrepancy on your invoice, please call or email us to resolve the issue.

Invoices are issued upon the completion of the project and due within 30 days of issue.

What does Preferred Rate Mean?

The incentive for our partners to sign up for a weekly retainer is locking in a "preferred rate" and helps us prioritize your workload over our project to project customers. A preferred rate is a better price hourly for our services. The great thing is, your preferred rate extends to additional hours needed to complete your projects*. Give us a call and we can discuss your larger projects and how purchasing blocks may be a fit for your organization.  

Do I need to sign a contract?

We don't ask you to sign any long term contracts! We are deeply aware that things can change for non-profits frequently and with little notice, we don't want to trap any of our customers in long-term contracts. 

To commence working with us we do require our clients to fill and sign a standard freelancer agreement that is meant to protect both, you the customer, as well as us. It is open ended and does not lock you into any long term commitments.

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