Every year Christmas has a way of sneaking up on us, or am I the only one? Its like someone need to just choose one day every year to be Christmas so we can all be prepared (that was sarcasm in case you missed it). It is so easy to get caught up in the grind of production, preparation, rehearsals, dry runs and so on and so on. But all of this is for not unless people show up and attend your experiences! This isn’t a post in judgement, I have been there many times over the years. Blood, sweat and tears going into an incredible production that you forgot to post on your website service times. Uh oh! Don’t worry, I am here to help with the official Sunday Supply Co. Christmas Services and Holiday Office Hour Publication Checklist.


Christmas Services & Events

It is best to post early and post often about your Christmas Services and Events. I am writing this blog on November 21st and my December is pretty full already with work parties, family events etc. I recommend hitting all of the following areas with a complete list of your Christmas Services and Events this year! I would start December 1st or earlier! 


Holliday Office Hours

After you and your fellow staff have worked 90 hour weeks for a month I am assuming you will take some much deserved R&R around the holidays. Don’t forget that people might be reaching out and trying to get a hold of you. It is important to communicate that you will be away from the office or if your office is closed to help manage expectations. I recommend posting this 2 weeks out from Christmas, on or before December 11th. 


PRO TIP: Add a forwarder to your phone tree or use an app like the “Burner App” to make a temporary emergency number that people can contact. DO NOT POST YOUR PERSONAL NUMBER TO THE WORLD, THERE ARE WORKAROUNDS TO ALLOW PEOPLE TO CONTACT YOU IN AN EMERGENCY WITHOUT GIVING YOUR PERSONAL NUMBER TO THE WORLD WHILE YOU ARE OUT OF THE OFFICE.  


Where to Post

Facebook as Post

Make a graphic that lays out the entire month and post it to your page. This not only informs your church attendees but is a great opportunity for your attendees to share and post for friends and family to see what they can be a part of. This is actually a really great outreach tool. Encourage people in your church to share. 

Facebook On “About” Page

Post and post often, but for those who miss posts, I recommend putting times in your Facebook “About” Page. That way if people are looking and want to know the information is there. 

Google My Business

Google My Business appears in Google Searches and more importantly in Google Maps! I recommend putting your times in Google My Business under “Info > Add Special Hours”

Instagram as a Post

Just like Facebook post early and often to Instagram. Not only for individual events but for the entire month of events so people can share the big picture with their friends and family. 

Instagram Bio

Just like Facebook, people may miss posts but see your page, as a best-practice add your holiday schedule to your Instagram bio.


Just like Facebook and Instagram I suggest adding the schedule to your Twitter bio also… for the 14 people who still use Twitter… Kidding not kidding. 

Website Home Page

Post a graphic on the home page of your website. Most website interactions end on your home page. Make sure to communicate concisely and clearly on your home page what is happening this Christmas. 

Website Service Times Page

Don’t forget your service times page. This page is probably already indexed in Google and will be available for visitors to click without vision you’re homepage. Don’t forget to add holiday information to this page. 

Email Blast

If your church has a regular email list, include the months schedule and office hours in these communications. 

Email Forwarders

Most email clients/servers allow you to create autoresponders. You can create this in advance and have it scheduled to run between two dates. Communicate when you will be away, when services are running and how to get a hold of someone in an emergency. 

Telephone Tree/Voicemail

You may not get many calls these days, but people call when they are in a  pinch or need info fast. Make sure that you update your information on your voicemail and telephone tree. 


PRO TIP: Make sure to complete the checklist but in reverse the first week of January. Social media posts are chronological and go away with time, but it is always amusing visiting websites and calling churches in June and seeing/hearing Christmas information! Go through the list again and remove holiday information once the holidays are over and 2020 has begun!